Session title: Intimate Partner Violence and our Role as Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Speaker: Heather Javaherian

CE amount/ Course Length: 1.5 hours / 1.5 CEs

Description: This session will provide an introduction to intimate partner violence (IPV) and the role for occupational therapy. We will discuss the impact of IPV on occupational participation in roles and routines. Evaluation and interventions will be described for both non-traditional and traditional settings.

Learning Objectives: 1. Define IPV 2. Describe the impact of IPV on occupational participation in major life roles and daily routines. 3. Identify practice models to guide clinical reasoning during evaluation and intervention planning. 4. Describe interventions that align with the OTPF.


Session Title: Tech Tools for Remote Learning Engagement

Speaker: Samantha Trout

CE amount/ Course Length: 1.5 hours / 1.5 CEs

Description: This session will introduce OT and OTA practitioners to engaging digital tools and programs for remote learning that support data collection and progress towards IEP goals. It will give practical strategies and suggestions for interventions in handwriting, self-regulation, visual-motor skills, and assistive technology. Tutorials and case studies will be used for implementing these in practice. Examples of programs and tools include: – – – Microsoft 365 products – – collaborative whiteboard.

Learning Objectives: – OTs and OTAs will describe at least 1 new digital tool or strategy for engaging remote learning – OTs and OTAs will apply new digital strategies to their remote learning interventions – OTs and OTAs will identify how remote learning tools can be used for data collection and progress monitoring – OTs and OTAs will be able to design their own remote learning materials using tools from the presentation


Session Title: Connecting AT to Occupation

Speaker: Rose Racicot and Karanveer Singh

CE amount/ Course Length: 1.5 hours / 1.5 CEs

Description: Assistive Technology (AT) provides critical tools and services to help students participate in school, but how can AT connect to lifelong occupation and career opportunities? Join a dynamic and humor-filled presentation by Rose (OT) and Karanveer (AAC user) to learn how to connect AT to occupation for a more awesome life!  We will give examples and share Karanveer’s personal experience of how he uses cutting edge AT to support occupation in the areas of school, work, independent daily living, social life and leisure skills. A highlight will be seeing his new music video masterpiece that he edited and released in March 2021

Learning Objectives: Participants will: 1. Identify 2 ways that AT can be used to access a school or career task/activity. 2. Compare and contrast AT options to enhance leisure and home environment. 3. Reflect on lessons learned in supporting persons with disabilities in using AT.


Session Title: Speedbumps to Mountain Tops

Speaker: Ian MacKay

CE amount/ Course Length: 1.5 hours / 1.5 CEs

Description: One man’s journey from rehab to independence and beyond. Ian Mackay has a powerful story to tell. He was injured in 2008, spent 3 months of rehab at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA. Then spent the subsequent years in search of independence and ultimately adventure.