The Washington Occupational Therapy Association (WOTA) is the professional membership community for OT practitioners in Washington State. We believe participating in WOTA will make you a better practitioner, help your career and improve your community.

WOTA is volunteer-driven. This team, elected by the membership, designs and implements a portfolio of programs to help OT in Washington flourish. These include:

OT Education

Each year, WOTA puts on the premier OT educational event in the state, featuring awesome content from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Occupational Therapy Practitioners, as well as other allied healthcare professionals, offer content covering both evidence-based research and clinical best practices.

Throughout the year, we offer workshops on various topics of importance to our professional community. And, we offer on-demand webinars on issues that are time-sensitive and relevant to our members. Not only do these activities bring the OT community together, they also provide an affordable way to gain valuable CE credits.

Professional Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy

In a healthcare-related profession like ours, you need strong representation at the state capitol. Legislative and regulatory decisions taken by state officials affect our practice environment dramatically. Washington is ahead of most other states on adapting to ACA changes, and changes in the federal government means that ongoing monitoring is of the utmost importance.

Networking and Career Success

Career satisfaction and success flourish when OT practitioners become members of the WOTA community. WOTA resources foster networking, mentoring and peer support. Our interest-based Facebook groups can help you come up with solutions to work-related problems. Additionally, WOTA will make sure you’re in the know on all things OT here in the state. Visit us on Facebook for real-time updates on issues of importance to OT practitioners.

Educational Events


WOTA offers both live conferences and virtual course offerings to help satisfy your Continuing Education requirements for licensure.


Help support WOTA by making a donation, or volunteer your time by joining a committee.