Mentorship/Mentee Program

Target audience:

   ·      Mentees:

      o   New graduates looking for guidance on navigating the workplace, dealing with supervisors, discussing case studies, practicing assessments, formulating treatment ideas, etc.

      o   Practitioners changing practice settings or reentering the workforce

   ·      Mentors:

      o   Experienced practitioners looking to volunteer their time and talent

      o   Must have at least 2 years of practice experience

Time commitment:

   ·      45-minute virtual or in-person monthly meetings

   ·      6-month commitment with option of renewing for an additional 6 months (if mentor and mentee are compatible)

   ·      Email communication between mentor and mentee as needed

   ·      Mentor can have 1-3 mentees at any given time; can meet separately 1 on 1, or as a larger group


   ·      Online discussion forum for members of the mentorship program via

   ·      List of monthly topics provided to facilitate discussions

Benefits of Participating in the Mentorship Program:

   ·      Mentors

      o   Earn continuing education hours as outlined below

      o   Strong volunteer commitment to add to your resume

      o   Opportunities to meet potential new hires for your employer

      o   Build teaching experience

   ·      Mentees

      o   Efficient onboarding with your new employer

      o   Career development (hone strengths and work toward your 5-year plan)

      o   Build productive relationships / Network

      o   Develop healthy work-life balance

      o  Develop emerging leadership skills