Welcome to MINICON Virtual 2020

Welcome to MINICON Virtual 20202020-06-22T12:13:18-07:00

Thank you for registering for a MINICON Virtual 2020! We hope you enjoy the content.

Important Note:


Your account has been logged off to reset permissions before accessing the Webinar. It is important that any time you stop the webinar and need to return to it, that you begin on this page to reset permissions. 

You have to be registered for MINICON Virtual 2020 in order to access the following pages. If you are not registered, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Login Information

To login to the webinar, please click on the link below and enter your login credentials. If you are a non-member registrant, or have forgotten your password, please select the Request Password option after clicking on the link to have your password sent to you. Please note that once you login, it will take a few seconds to recognize your credentials and load the webinar information.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this webinar? (MINICON)2020-06-22T08:11:29-07:00

This webinar is offered for a limited time only. Access begins on Monday, June 22 at 12:00 PM and ends on Sunday, July 12 at 11:45 PM

When will I get my Certificate of Course Completion?2020-06-22T08:12:34-07:00

You will receive your certificate within 2-3 weeks of the webinar end date

I have gotten to the webinar page, how do I start it?2020-05-23T10:22:42-07:00

Click on the ENROLL NOW button in the top right corner (laptop), or bottom of the page (mobile device). Once you click on that button it will update to START NOW. Click on that button to begin the course.

Why does my Course Status show I am not 100% complete?2020-05-23T10:22:50-07:00

After you have completed watching a video in a section, click on the COMPLETE LESSON button in the top right corner.

I was unable to complete the webinar in one sitting, how do I return to the webinar?2020-05-28T21:40:38-07:00

You would start by returning to the Welcome to WOTA Virtual page to reset permissions, and follow the login instructions again. Once you have reached the Webinar landing page, click on CONTINUE TO LESSON.

I’m getting a prompt to login, but it’s not accepting my password. How do I login?2020-05-23T10:23:05-07:00

If you are receiving the prompt below, please return to the Welcome Page to reset your permissions and proceed with the login instructions.

How do I update my password?2020-05-23T10:23:11-07:00
  1. Start by clicking on this link to Manage Account
  2. Login with the password sent to you when requesting your password
  3. You will be taken to the manage account section and should default on the ABOUT tab.
  4. Click on the CHANGE button
  5. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE


Where will I access my Certificate of Course Completion?2020-06-03T01:00:54-07:00
  1. You can access your certificates by selecting MANAGE ACCOUNT from the Members menu bar (or click the link here).
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on the CERTIFICATES tab
  4. Click on DOWNLOAD

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend that you download and save your certificates as soon as you can. Although we provide easy access to digital files, it is always best practice to keep your own copies in the case that there are any server issues. Also note that the Certificates tab does not show up until you have a certificate uploaded.

The FAQ didn’t answer my question, what now?2020-05-23T12:12:03-07:00

If you were not able to address your issue or question in the FAQ, please feel free to reach out to us at info@wota.org.

What if I have questions for the presenters?2020-05-24T12:00:47-07:00

Members can post questions to our Pediatrics COP Forum, and the presenters will be able to respond there.

What if I want to become a member to access the Q&A2020-05-23T12:33:20-07:00

Good news! The amount you paid to register can be applied to help cover the cost of a new membership. Reach out to director@wota.org in order to receive a discount code for membership.