• Passed 5228: OT in Behavioral Health.  Mandates Medicaid Managed Care Organization funding for OT provided in community behavioral health settings.
  • Passed 1082: Multispecialty Practice Act.  Allows OT’s and PT’s to incorporate (form co-owned businesses) with other healthcare providers such as SLP’s, nutritionists, counselors, optometrists, chiropractors and pediatricians.


  •  Passed the OT Compact Act that will create a new interstate reciprocal license to practice in participating states.  Please see OTCOMPACT.ORG for details on current states in participation.  WA state OT Practice board expects to implement this legislation by the end of 2024.


  • Supported a bill (SB 6157) which prohibits insurance companies from using prior authorization to limit patient access to the first six covered visits for an episode of care.


  • Lobbied heavily for improved prior years of service credit for school-based therapists.


  • Revised Washington Telemedicine law to allow patients to receive services at home.


  • Optometrist referral bill allowed Optometrists to refer directly to occupational therapists.
  • HB 1471 reined in insurance company abuses by requiring insurance companies to use qualified providers to review authorization requests, to use published medical necessity criteria, and define an episode of care.


  • Included habilitation in state Medicaid program and established definitions of habilitation for qualified health plans offered in the Exchange.


  • Law to allow occupational therapy practitioners access to HEAL-WA evidence-based literature and resources for health professionals in Washington state.


  • Law to include Wound Care Management in Occupational Therapy’s Scope of Practice.


  • Law to authorize OTs to purchase, store, and administer specific medications.


  • Years of Service Credit Law: requires up to 2 years service credit on the state salary scale for non-school experience to OT respective field.