• Supported a bill (SB 6157) which prohibits insurance companies from using prior authorization to limit patient access to the first six covered visits for an episode of care.


  • Lobbied heavily for improved prior years of service credit for school-based therapists.


  • Revised Washington Telemedicine law to allow patients to receive services at home.


  • Optometrist referral bill allowed Optometrists to refer directly to occupational therapists.
  • HB 1471 reined in insurance company abuses by requiring insurance companies to use qualified providers to review authorization requests, to use published medical necessity criteria, and define an episode of care.


  • Included habilitation in state Medicaid program and established definitions of habilitation for qualified health plans offered in the Exchange.


  • Law to allow occupational therapy practitioners access to HEAL-WA evidence-based literature and resources for health professionals in Washington state.


  • Law to include Wound Care Management in Occupational Therapy’s Scope of Practice.


  • Law to authorize OTs to purchase, store, and administer specific medications.


  • Years of Service Credit Law: requires up to 2 years service credit on the state salary scale for non-school experience to OT respective field.